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The Works: Buckets + Spray

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Eco-Friendly Mosquito Spray

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Mosquito Buckets

Pricing is based on the number of buckets which is based on the size of your yard and they are serviced and billed monthly through October of each year. Contact us today for pricing for your yard. We are installing now! For more information on buckets check out the page below for links to videos!


Buckets are installed as early as February (when it is recommended) to be ready for the first warm day to prevent infestation of your yard.  


Mosquito buckets (traps) are available to pest control companies only and reduce the mosquito population in your yard without spraying. These bucket traps are perfect for everyone but fantastic for bee keepers or those close to bee keepers, small yards or trouble neighbor yards full of ivy where the neighbors yards will affect the success of your mosquito program. 

What and How:

Mosquito Buckets

Mosquito spraying involves carefully spraying breeding areas in your yard for mosquitoes These include bushy areas, damp areas or other areas they rest during the day. Mosquitoes hang out on the underside or broadleaf leaves. We apply eco-friendly chemicals to these areas to kill on contact and leave a residual that will last 3 weeks, continuing to kill new mosquitoes. Services are every 3 weeks March-October. Customers can begin as early as February upon request. 


Mosquito Spraying

For the strongest protection against mosquitos you can pair your mosquito buckets with an 100% organic or a hybrid spray. The hybrid service is covered by the Green Queen guarantee and we will come out at no cost in between services at no cost if you have any breakthrough mosquitoes! 


Mosquito Buckets + Spraying

MOsquito BUckets

Mosquito buckets require no chemicals, organic or otherwise, to be released into the environment! 100% bee, pollinator, people and pet safe! 

New at Green Queen

Our Customers are Saying

Come See What


"We hired Green Queen for our mosquito treatment. Jennifer was so knowledgeable about exactly how to treat our yard and pointing out problem areas. We have kids, dogs, and chickens so I was concerned about making sure our treatment was safe for all. We were able to do a hybrid treatment ensuring that our mosquitos would be gone and keeping our family free from chemicals. Highly recommend!!!! "

If you choose mosquito spraying, at Green Queen we use an essential-oil-based product for our mosquito spraying services. We care about pollinators and the planet, so we take a conscious and careful approach with our mosquito control services. Our goal is to protect bees and butterflies while also protecting your family from mosquitos.

Mosquito SPraying

Essential Oil Based


Are you looking for eco-friendly, green, natural and organic mosquito spraying? At the Green Queen, we use an Eco Exempt product (the safest labeling offered by the EPA) an essential-oil-based product with rosemary, peppermint gerinol and/ or citronella oils instead of traditional chemicals for our mosquito spraying services.

We care about pollinators and the planet, so we take a conscious and careful approach with our mosquito control services. Our goal is to protect bees and butterflies while also protecting your family from mosquitos. For those who want something stronger we offer a program where we add a traditional green product to the perimeter of the yard and in breeding grounds like ivy. Protecting pollinators also involves where you spray, when you spray and how you spray. We address all these factors. In fact we have areas that have bee hives that we have been treating successfully for over 5 years!

About our products:

Does it work? Some of the greatest concerns are about efficacy. Customers are wanting to avoid traditional chemicals and keep their families safe from bites and mosquito-born diseases. Our services work! We have several programs where we guarantee our services and will revisit your home at no cost if you have any issues in between services. 

The Green Queen Guarantee:

We know it can be expensive to take care of your home and a big lump sum at the time of service can be hard to stomach. We are now introducing bundled pricing! You can now combine all of your services for one low monthly fee. This makes it easier to spread out the costs over the course of a year. You can even spread out the initial service cost making the next year even cheaper!


*Disclaimer: Green Queen services are reduced risk for humans and pets when Green Queen recommended 100% botanically-based options only are chosen and used per manufacturer instructions. All options, including the 100% botanically-based options and the traditional options, are considered approved for use by the US government when used per manufacturer instructions. If hybrid options are chosen (e.g. options that include both botanical and traditional supplies) or cleaning supplies are supplied by the customer for use by Green Queen, there are no “green” claims made.

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