Cleaning: Our cleaning pricing is based on many factors including but not limited to the size of the home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pets, etc. Prices and quotes given over the Internet or email are estimates. Actual pricing is given after we visit the home and give a price for a particular service. Prices will not change without being discussed beforehand, but we do reserve the right to change the price of your cleaning according to unforeseen circumstances (remodels, additional occupants/pets, or anything not listed in your original quote). Our services are often customizable, and we are always willing to work with clients for individual requests.

Outdoor Services: Pest, Mosquito, Turf and Termite: These prices are standard under the specified size of the yard or home per the website quotes. Above these sizes a staff member of Green Queen or Hankey Pest Control would need to come to the home for a quote.

We try to accommodate special requests for days and times and try to keep you on a regular schedule if that is what you request, but the daily schedule can be very unpredictable. Please understand and allow us between the hours of 8-6 to clean your home or to perform outdoor services.
We send a reminder email a few days before your service. This e-mail acts as a reminder and to confirm your cleaning. We offer text message reminders as well if you prefer. Please use this reminder to communicate to us any changes that might affect your service.
Please if you have add-ons for cleanings please let us know as soon as possible but at least 48 hours in advance. For larger add-ons we would need a week notice to let customers whose cleanings come after your time that day know we will be later that day.

For your first cleaning we suggest that the client meets the cleaner(s), we can try to arrange a specific time for the initial cleaning. If you decide to pursue regular services, we suggest hiding a key or providing consistent easy access. Our cleaners will not accept keys from customers.

For outdoor services, please leave gates unlocked or provide codes for reliable entry. Please have pets and people inside for outdoor services for that day. Outdoor services such as turf and mosquito are scheduled by day and not by time. We will arrive between 7 am and 7 pm for services that day so please allow access for all of those hours.

We currently ONLY accept payment through our provider Stripe a secure third party provider. You will pay either just before service $.50 to save payment or be sent an invoice after your first service. Please pay for your first service within 24 hours of completion. After your first services you will receive an invoice and your card will be automatically charged. Please contact us if there are any changes to your account. Some prefer to have their banks mail us payment through their bill pay service. We require a valid credit card on file before booking a job. We do NOT offer payments outside of auto-billing.

We require all clients to provide reliable parking for every service. If any parking fees occur during the cleaning, clients are required to cover such fees. We will not be able to complete the service if we do not find reliable parking within 15 minutes of arriving at the location or find parking within one block of the home, a cancellation or walk-out fee will be charged.

We ask that you not request our staff to move anything over 25 lbs. We are pet-friendly; however, if your pets have free range of the house, we request that you meet the cleaning team the first time for an introduction, and give any special instructions. If your pets are aggressive or protective when alone, we request that you board them or make other arrangements during the service. If pets are free roaming in the backyard we will not be able to perform an outdoor service. Please insure that your gates work properly and are able to be latched securely to prevent any animals from escaping.
We also ask to be notified 24 hours before a cleaning if the household occupants have been sick as a safety precaution to our team and other clients. In addition, the home cannot have any kind of infestation.
Our cleaners have the right to refuse any job or task (climbing ladders, using chemicals, cleaning specific areas, etc.).
**We do not clean up after pets. Urine and feces will not be cleaned up and the area around any pet waste will be skipped. Other bio-hazardous areas are also not covered (human waste, blood, and feminine hygiene products/discards, etc.).

We understand unforeseen circumstances occur and ask for a 24-hour notice. If proper notice is not given, the client will be charged for the full amount of the service. We also reserve the right to charge a $50 fee to jobs canceled while on site (due to misinformation, unforeseen circumstances, etc.). This is to ensure our staff is compensated for their time and travel.

If you have any questions or concerns about your service, please contact us immediately. Due to the nature of this industry, clear communication is key to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Every home is different and every client has different expectations. We do our best to ensure the client's happiness, but cannot assess and correct a complaint if too much time has gone by.
If you feel the cleaner or technician needs to come back and perform the job, you must contact us within 24 hours to set up a redo service. We can also discount future cleanings to accommodate.
Correspondence with all Green Queen and Hankey Pest Control staff should be respectful and professional. We do reserve the right to refuse refunds & future service based on negative correspondence with clients. As a professional service, we expect a professional relationship with vendors, team members, & clients.

As a client, you agree not to personally hire any present or former employees. Employees also agree to not clean for hire outside of Green Queen or Hankey Pest Control client base.

We do NOT give refunds for gift certificates, services, or products purchased from us. If you have a complaint about service with us we will most certainly handle that with either a discounted future service or we will come out and do the job again as soon as possible. All complaints must be received within 24 hours of the job in order for us to handle it correctly. Thank you for your understanding!


Green Queen/ Hankey Pest Control services are considered nontoxic for humans and pets when Green Queen/ Hankey Pest Control recommended 100% organic options only are chosen and used per manufacturer instructions. All options, including the 100% organic options and the non-organic options, are considered safe by the US government when used per manufacturer instructions. If hybrid options are chosen (e.g. options that include both organic and non-organic supplies) or cleaning supplies are supplied by the customer for use by Green Queen, there are no “nontoxic” claims made


Maximum total discount is 10% per service for any deals combined (excluding referrals). If you get 10-15% for the neighborhood deal it cannot be combined with any other discount (excluding referrals).

Terms of Service

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